Why Women

My Story

My mother was a stay at home Mom with 3 kids, with little understanding about finances. After she and my father divorced and there were two households to support, there never seemed to be enough money. While she worked hard, I watched my mom struggle to make ends meet. While we had everything we needed, I knew that there were many activities and experiences that were financially out of reach. Living with a feeling of scarcity had a dramatic impact on me. I was not going live in fear of money or rely on others and allow them or anyone to dictate my future. I became determined to learn about money so that I could be more in control of my life and responsible for making my own decisions.

When I became an advisor, I quickly realized that my mother is not alone. Many women of her generation spend most of their lives raising kids and depending on others to manage their financial affairs. I knew this situation would lead to women being dependent on others to make their decisions. I realized that their number one priority is to feel safe and secure in the fact that the money will be there when they need it. Not understanding their investments and feeling intimidated by an industry made for men by men simply exacerbated their sense of fear and anxiety about the future. I knew I had to do everything I could to change this cycle.

That’s why my true passion as an advisor is to create a unique environment where women feel warm, comfortable and safe asking questions to gain knowledge. Where women are encouraged to learn, and become savvier about their money. As they become a part of my Sassy Ladies club, they will quickly realize they are not alone. And with the support of each other they will take back control of their financial life and regain their sense of confidence allowing their sassiness to shine.